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A male Redhead duck (Aythya americana) swims in front of a male Mallard duck (Anas platyrhynchos).

Did NYC's Celebrity Redhead Duck Find Mallard Love?

Between December 30 and March 16, a strikingly plumaged drake Redhead duck resided on a small body of murky water near Central Park’s northwest corner.
7 min read
On a green leaf, there is a small brown patch with an oval-shaped hole cut in it—an empty leaf mine.

As Leaves Fall, Celebrate All of the Life that Unfolds on Their Stage

Ten minutes after sunset, I stood below a black tupelo in Central Park, agape. From its broad, upright crown to
5 min read
A large white jumping spider looks into the camera lens.

On Spider Biodiversity, My Arachnophobia, and Our Place in the Universe

Paraphidippus fartilis is a large, tree-dwelling jumping spider that in the United States lives in a single county: Cameron County,
9 min read
A small, light brown Buff-breasted Sandpiper walks on green grass.

A Buff-breasted Sandpiper Flies from the Arctic to Southern South America via New York City

Buff-breasted Sandpipers fly more than 20,000 miles each year to mate and lay their eggs on the northernmost fringes of the North American continent.
6 min read